DSS Cloud Simulation

Simulation Platform For Driving Schools

DSS Cloud Simulation is a simulation platform for driving schools. Powered by STISIM Drive software it bundles over 40 years of experience in driving simulation for research and driver training. DSS Cloud simulation aims to be a solution, tailor made for driving schools, that cuts away the high costs that are usually associated with driving simulation.

Designed for Driver Education

The DSS cloud simulation platform is tailor made for driving schools. Pre-configured driving scenarios are the result of research and cooperation with driving schools. Topics of the driving scenarios range from learning to control a vehicle to high-traffic highway driving and texting while driving. 

Cost Effective

Unlike many other driving simulation platform, the DSS cloud simulation does not require specialized equipment. It can be run on most windows-based computers, combined with a consumer-grade steering wheel. 

DSS cloud simulation uses a SaaS pricing model. Our monthly or yearly subscribtion formulas guarantee that no large initial investments that are usually associated with professional driving simulators are required.

Automatic Grading and Reporting

At the end of each completed scenario, a report is automatically generated and presented to the driver. The report contains information and scores that are relevant for the selected scenario. This creates a measurable score that can be used as a platfrom for progress monitoring or a basis for further training and coaching. The replay function allows to replay any driven scenario at any point in time. 

Scenario Examples

Click below for a detailed overview of all the available scenarios.

Why Simulation?

It is important to realize that driving simulation is not just an extra cost. Research showed that drivers who completed sessions in a driving simulator had fewer accidents and performed better during the first years of driving.  There are several reasons why simulation driving is such a good addition to on-road training:

Rapid Experience Building

Students are able to experience riskful situations in the driving simulator that are difficult, or simply too dangerous to replicate on the road. By experiencing these situations and the consequences of their actions, the student will be able to handle similar situations more appropriately, or avoid them altogether. 

Focus on what is important

You are in full control of the scenarios within the driving simulator. This means it is easy to adjust the conditions to the specific needs of the student. 

When a student has difficulties, or low confidence in a specific situation, the simulator is an ideal tool to improve this particular topic in a safe and risk-free environment. 

Reduce Risks

Students who completed simulator sessions are better prepared for on-road driving. For many students the simulator is an ideal tool to boost confidence in their own driving skills, which in term reduces the level of stress and the associated consequences. 


DSS Cloud Simulation was designed to be simple in both setup and operation. The requirements are listed below:

Windows PC

Processor: Intel i5 or better

Graphics: NVIDIA or AMD GPU with +2GB


2 external monitors

Speakers or headphone

Steering wheel

Logitech or Fanatec Gaming Steering wheel

Service Subscription

Yearly or Monthly subscription

Hardware Solutions

DSS cloud simulation can also be used in combination with specialized simulator equipment. 

DriveSimSolutions supplies highly customized driving simulators for both training and research purposes. Our simulator solutions are the result of more than 10 years of expertise in this domain and succesful collaborations with experts in the field. Our most popular driving simulator offerings are shown below, but contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


This large simulator uses a real car set up and a state of the art projection sysystem with a 180 degrees field of view curved screen. The idea is to give the driver a close to fully immersive realistic driving experience. Different tactile and audio signals from a driving scenario are fed back to the driver cabin.

Cockpit Sim

This mock-up simulator incorporates many OEM vehicle components. It features a complete dashboard with working instruments and controls. The 3×50 inch screens provide a 135° FOV. This simulator is ideal when you want the full immersive experience of an authentic vehicle cockpit that fits in an office room. 


The TruckSim simulator was specifically designed to mimic the seating position of a large vehicle such as a truck or a bus. The seating position is higher and more upright compared to our car simulators. The 3×50 inch screens, combined with high quality controls provide excellent immersion. 

Touring Sim

Our Touring Simulator is ideal for clients who want a high quality setup, but don’t have the budget for the larger Cockpit or CarSim Simulator. This simulator uses high quality materials, combined with a high-detail finish. State-of-the-art control equipment and triple monitors assure high immersion.


A stripped down version of our Touring Simulator. The MobiSim simulator goes back to basic, but still provides a realistic driving position, created by a strong frame. This simulator can be combined with our triple- or single screen setup and is an ideal solution for when easy transportability is important. 

Desktop Sim

The desktop Sim is our most budget friendly simulator setup. It is available in 60 degree field of view (1 monitor) or 135 degree field of view (3 monitors). It is the perfect solution for clients starting to experiment with driving simulation. 


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